8 Player Kids Party


Per Person

​Includes Gun Mask Hopper & Tank

​Paint Is Extra

The Zombie Apocalypse Experience

If you already purchased tickets and need to make a reservation please text your voucher number (8 Digits) to 702-348-8349 for a code to reserve.

Shoot Real Zombies


​Per Person

Includes Gun Mask

Hopper & Tank

​Paint Is Extra

Now 1 hour

and 30 min. 

all new



For 8 Players

​Includes 500 Rounds

​Per Party & All Equipment

Standard Impact

Combat Zone Paintball & The Zombie Apocalypse Experience


13011 South Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89044

$18 Admission

All Day


Do You Have What It Takes To Survive !!!

Medium Impact